147th Anniversary of

The Battle of Droop Mountain

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

October 8th - 10th 2010

   The West Virginia Reenactors Association invites you to the 147th Anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Droop Mountain. The Origional battle, fought on November 6th 1863, pitted Gen. John Echols' Confederates controlling the Greenbrier Valley against General William Averell's Federals advancing from the north. Following an extended delaying action, including a skirmish at Mill Point, the southerners dug in at the pass over Droop Mountain. While the main Federal force bombarded the entrenched position, another wing circled around to suprise the outnumbered Confederate's left flank. After a fierce but futile fight, Echols' forces withdrew from the mountain, and from the Greenbrier Valley, keeping this portion of the new state of West Virginia safe for the Union.
   The site of the battle, now Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, is in a beautiful, rural area that makes for an unforgettable reenacting experience. The sponsors have tried to strike a balance between providing a number of interesting reenacting activities and allowing some free time to enjoy the Battlefield and the Beautiful surroundings.
   Both reenactment scenarios will be tied to historical facts. The Saturday battle will reflect the skirmish at Mill Point leading up to Droop Mountain, and the Sunday battle will be the Battle of Droop Mountain itself, reenacted on a portion of the actual battlefield.
   An unscripted tactical exercise, which will cover most of the park grounds, is scheduled for Saturday. The skills of both the Officers and men will be tested. The Droop tactical is goal oriented, unscripted and has a winning and loosing side, as judged by WVRA officials. For those units who have attended this event before, we hope to suprise you and make the tactical even more exciting that in the past. Rest assured that we will come up with something new.
   A welcome social will again be held on Friday evening in the park shop building. Coffee and refreshments will be available, along with Civil War videos, and a warm fire if the weather is cold. This building will be open for morning coffee and as a reception area throughout the weekend.
   Civilian activities will center around a civilian social to be held near the Union camp during the tactical.
   On Sunday morning, an authentic church service will be held at the overlook near the Confederate camp.
   Saturday evening will feature the Droop Mountain Open Air Ball and Young Ladies' Cotillion. Period music and dance instruction will be provided, with a special opportunity for a "comming out" presentation for our young ladies. If any of your ladies are around 16 years and would like to participate, please mention this when you register.
   Authentic Sutlers are welcome at Droop Mountain and there is a $20.00 separate Sutler Fee, payable to and collected by Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. Sutlers DO need to pre-register, register on site and sign the liability waiver, and pay the registration fee. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in any activity. Due to the limited space for Sutlers, please describe your goods and the size of your tent on the pre-registration form. Sutlers are not permitted to sell flea market items, militaria from other periods, or souvenirs. Modern food venders should contact the Battlefield Park directly at (304) 653-4254.
Amenities and Camping
   All standard amenities will be provided, including firewood, hay/stray and water. In order to keep costs low, no dinner meal will be provided. A powder issue will be provided for all military reenactors.
   Both Authentic and modern food venders will probably be availiable on site, but be aware that all restaurants and grocery stores are some distance from the park.
   The Union camp and sutler area will again be near the park headquarters, and the Confederate camp near the overlook tower. A seperate cavalry camp will be near the front entrance. Cavalry personnel are advised that, due to the unreliable water source at the park, they should bring extra water for their animals in the event water supplies are running low again. Civilian camp areas will be designated adjoining the military camps, but civilians may camp with their units with your commander's approval.
   Please let your reenactors know that October at Droop Mountain can sometimes be quite cool and/or wet: they should bring appropriate camping gear.
   Pre-registration fee is $5.00 each, military and civilian, age 13 and up. (Please list younger civilians attending as well.) Please pre-register by September 1 so that we can plan properly, and register only those who are definitely going to attend. Substitutions and a few additions from within your unit can be made at the event. If you have major changes in numbers, either up or down, please call and let us know as soon as possible. When you arrive, you must register and sign your liability waiver -- This includes civilians! If you arrive when registration is closed, please return and register when it reopens. Late registrations (those registrations recieved after September 1), or those who wait to pay their fee until they arrive, will be charged $10.00 and will not be given a powder issue. Because space is at a premium, registrations may be limited.
C/O Tim Glaser
P.O Box 63
Beverly, WV 26253
   Make all checks payable to: The West Virginia Reenactors Association or WVRA
   Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park is located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia about 5 miles south of Hillsboro on U.S. Rt 219. Motels are available in Marlinton (15 miles north) or Lewisburg (23 miles south).
Preliminary Schedule
FRIDAY, October 8
Noon-11:00PM Registration Open Battlefield
8:00PM-11:00PM Coffee & Donuts Shop Bldg
SATURDAY, October 9
7:30AM Reveille Camps
8:00AM Registration Open Battlefield
8:30AM Officers/NCO Meeting Shop Bldg
9:00AM Colors Camps
9:30AM Safety Inspection Organize Companies & Tactical Briefing Battlefield
10:00AM Tactical Begins Camps
11:00AM Ladies Social C.S. Camp
12:30PM Tactical Ends
1:00PM-2:30PM Living History Camps
2:00PM Registration Closed Battlefield
2:30PM Safety Inspection Camps
8:00PM-10:00PM Open Air Cotillion Ball Museum
Midnight Lights Out Camps
SUNDAY, October 10
9:00AM - Noon Registration Open Battlefield
10:00AM Period Church Service C.S. Camp
11:30AM Officers/NCO Meeting Wellhouse
Noon Safety Inspection Camps
2:00PM Battle End-Break Camps Camps
6:00PM Park Closes
Rules and Regulations
   Droop Mountain is an authenties only event. All participants are expected to maintain authentic standards of dress, equipment, and deportment when spectators are present.
   The discharge of firearms within the designated camp area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Guns cannot be discharged within 50 feet of any tents. Suprise raids on the camps are BANNED.
1. All spectators are expected to stay behind the rope barrier during the battle. Period civilians may sit just in front of the rope, and help keep other spectators from pushing forward. NO ONE, including photographers, should move down the bank onto or near the flat portion of the battlefield. Soldiers and horses come quite close to this bank and it can be dangerous. No noncombatants in the woods behind the battlefield without special permission, arranged beforehand.
2. All participants must register and sign a waiver form. Upon registration, a pass shall be issued as evidence of registration. This pass must be carried by the participant at all times. Failure to show the pass during inspection or when requested by event organizers shall constitute dismissal from the event.
3. Participants on the battlefield must be at least 13 years old and should have a role to portray. If you feel your child deserves an exception to this rule, please discuss it at the time of registration. Exemptions will be based on maturity, appearance, and the role the individual wishes to portray.
4. Soldiers must be 16 years of age to carry a weapon on the battlefield. Any minor who will participate in the battles must sign a liability waiver and have a parent or guardian signature.
5. All women portraying soldiers should make all possible efforts to disguise their real gender and to maintain their impression when spectators are present.
6. Nurses are asked not to run onto the battlefield during the battle. Nurses may do their impressions at the hospital area, away from the battlefield.
1. We are attempting an 1863 West(ern) Virginia impression at Droop Mountain. Know what impression is and please be as accurate as possible. Be careful to avoid 20th Century anachronisms such as: synthetic materials, sippers, velcro, elastic suspenders, leather hats, cowboy boots, modern style eyeglasses, wristwatches, modern jewelry, etc.
2. All equipment must be approved by the Army Commanders, both for safety and authenticity. No officers above the rank of Captain without advance approval. Officers should bring enough troops to support their impression.
3. All artillery should be approved in advance for authenticity and safety. Mortars will be placed in the woods.
4. Camps should be policed for anachronisms and trash when the public is in the camps. No tape players or radios in camp.
5. Attitude and atmosphere are subtle things but important to any good living history. Your behavior, habits, conversation express as uch as what you wear. Try to be aware of your language and 20th century slang and topics of conversation, and be discreet about inappropriate habits such as cigarette smoking. By the way we act and portray our 19th century forebears, we show respect for who they were and what they died for.
1. By signing the waiver to participate in this event, all participants voluntarily agree to be subject to all legitimate orders of their unit and army commanders. Signing of the waiver shall also mean that they agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of this event.
2. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are illegal on the grounds of the Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. Army Commanders and event organizers have the authority to bar individuals from further participation at the event.
3. Weapons and cartridges will be inspected prior to the tactical and both battle scenarios. Please make sure your weapons are clean, safe and fully functional. No wax, staples, tape or other hazardous cartridges will be allowed. Cartridge papers should NOT be put into infantry rifles at any time. You must pass inspection to participate in the events.
4. All reenactors should have a working knowledge of period military drill and discipline and safety rules. All artillery crews should have all necessary safety training. If you are inexperienced, please ask your company NCO's for instruction - They will be glad to assist you.
5. Swords, bayonets, and ramrods should be pulled ONLY by order of the Army Commanders. NO hand-to-hand combat will take place except by prior arrangement involving ALL concerned and approved by BOTH army commanders. SHOWBOATING IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED!
6. The cry of "MEDIC" and/or a hat raised high on a rifle or sword point are used to signal an actual medical injury or emergency. A raised hat will also indicate a dangerous situation of some other sort (i.e. -- an artillery mis-fire, etc.). Such signals will STOP all action: Please use them only in an actual emergency.
7. Please build fires only in designated areas. Do not build unnecessarily high fires and do not leave fires unattended at any time. Return sod and remove rocks from fire pits when you break camp. Please keep litter picked up and dispose of it properly.
8. All horses must pass Coggins Test and have documentation of this. All horses/animals must be uninjured and in good health to participate.
Click HERE to download/print the Droop Mountain Registration Form

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