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   "The Cannon's Thunder"

   The artillery arm of the WVRA was formed to honor all the artilleryman from western Virginia who served during the Civil War. Unit members portray cannon crews of both Union and Confederate armies, in two units which each have some local significance as well as long and distinguished histories with their respective forces.
   Battery A of the 1st (West) Virginia Light Artillery was organized and mustered into the Federal service on September 26, 1861. The unit had already gained experience as volunteers defending Western Virginia against the Rebellion, for they were active in Wheeling as early as July 3, 1861, before their formal mustering. Battery B was organized in October 1861. Both Batteries were especially noted for their gallant service in the Battle of Kernstown, Virginia in March 1862. Battery A also served at the Battle of Greenbrier River and Elkwater in October 1861 and later was at Harpers Ferry, Parkersburg, and the Kanawha Valley. In was mustered out in Charleston July 21, 1865. Battery B wss stationed at Winchester , Virginia and in Beverly and Webster, West Virginia. They participated in all of Averell's raids into the mountains of West Virginia. It was consolidated with Battery December 31, 1864 and was stationed at Camp Barry, Washington City at the end of the war.
   The Danville Light Artillery was organized into service of the Confederacy in April 1861 and was composed mostly of men from Pittslvania Co. Virginia. The unit took part in all of R. E. Lee's Cheat Mountain campaign, and in the Jackson's Valley campaigns. It also participated in the Seven Days Battle, Cold Harbor, and the siege at Petersburg. The unit surrendered 4 officers and 79 men at Appomattox April 9, 1865.
For more information regarding the 1st West Virginia Artillery & The Danville Artillery, you may contact:

Sam Krafft (cwarcapt@yahoo.com)
123 Cabin Run RD.
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