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WVRA reenacting events

2014 Sponsored Event Calendar

Date Sponsored Event
March 29 Marion County History Expo @ Fairmont, WV. 10am to 2 pm at the Court House. Contact: Dora Grubb
April 25-27 WVRA School of the Soldier near Beverly, WV at Camp Garnett/Rich Mountain.
May 23 Grafton Lantern Tour @ Grafton, WV. Cancelled due to Construction in the area.
June 19-22 This Event Has Been Cancelled
West Virginia Statehood Day @ Fairmont, WV. Contact:
Tonya Daft
July 19-20 Beverly Heritage Days @ Beverly, WV. Contact: Phyllis Baxter

2014 General Event Calendar

Below is a list of events brought up by membership of the WVRA.  If a member is hosting the event their name or email is included.  Others are listed for interested individual  attendance participation purposes. WVRA events are in red.

Burning Springs March 4 WPBS at 8:00pm

Battle of Scary Creek, Hurricane, WV. Valley Park, March 27-30. Contact Jamie 1-304-562-0518 ext.12 http://www.civilwardayswv.com

Marion County History Expo. March 29 Fairmont WV 10-2 at Court House contact Dora Grubb marionhistorical@yahoo.com

150th Battle of Cloyd's Mountain, Dublin,VA April 4-6 Contact: http://battleofcloydsmtn.org

Civil War Trust Parks Day Rich MT clean up 10am April 5 Contact Darryl De Gripp http://www.civilwar.org/aboutus/events/park-day/

Mason Dixon Roundtable Eric Alumni Center April 5

WVRA School of the Soldier, Beverly, WV.Rich Mt.Camp Garnett April 25-27

150th Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, VA. April 30-May 4 Contact: http://150spotsylvania.com

150th New Market, New Market, VA. May 16-18 Contact: http://www2.vmi.edu/museum/nm/reenactment/reen%20announce.htm

Grafton Lantern Tour - Cancelled due to local construction

Marion County Julia Pierpont Day Remembrance/Decoration Day Fairmont May 24

153rd Blue & Gray Reunion, Philippi, WV. May 29-June 1 Contact: Edgar Brown 304-457-4265 http://www.blueandgrayreunion.org/index.php/contact-us

West Virginia Statehood Day. June 19-22 Fairmont WV Contact Tonya Daft 304-825-6103 rebeld4h@yahoo.com

150th Battle of Monocacy, Woodsboro, MD. June 26-29 Contact: Joe Shelton 1-410-208-8471

151st Gettysburg (GAC). Gettysburg, PA. July 4-6 Contact: http://www.gettysburgreenactment.com

Beverly Heritage Days July 19-20 in Beverly contact Phyllis Baxter for more info.

Trans-Allegheny Asylum Weston Aug 8-10

151st Battle of Dry Creek, White Sulphur Springs, WV. Aug 15-17 Contact: http://www.battleofdrycreek.org

Carnifex Ferry Reenactment, CFBSP, Summersville, WV. Sept 12-14 Contact: http://www.carnifexferrybattlefieldstatepark.com/events.html

WVRA Civil War Ball Saturday, October 11th at Bulltown pavillion. (see below)

Bulltown Reenactment, 11-12 October 2014 Bulltown Historical District, Napier, WV.
Interested individuals may contact Park Official T. V. Smith at 304-853-2371

Cedar Creek October 18-19 2014 For details, see http://ccbf.us

153rd Battle of Guyandotte, Huntington, WV. Oct 31-Nov 2 Contact: Jeanne Wray: 1-304-617-6719 http://guyandottecivilwardays.com

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