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WVRA reenacting events

2015 Sponsored Event Calendar

Date Sponsored Event
July 10-12 Battle of Rich Mountain
Reenactment Weekend
At Historic Battlefield west of Beverly, WV
Contact WVRA or Beverly Heritage Center (304) 637-7424
October 9-11 Battle of Droop Mountain
Reenactment Weekend
At Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park south of Hillsboro, WV
Contact Mark Tennant for Info.

2015 General Event Calendar

Below is a list of events suggested by members of the WVRA. Such events are noted in order to spread the word and help individuals find local Civil War events to particpate in. If a WVRA member is hosting the event their name or email is included. These events are unofficially noted by the WVRA, but ARE NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSED OR SANCTIONED by the Association.

March 20-22 Bentonville 150th Anniversary, North Carolina
                        Info: http://fobb.net/150thbentonville

March 26-29 Hurricane Bridge/Scary Creek, West Virginia
                   Info: http://www.putnamcountyparks.net/special-events.html

April 10-12 Appomattox 150th "The Long Road Home" Virginia
                    Info: http://www.appomattoxhistoricalsociety.org/events.htm

May 17th 150th Grand Review Parade District of Columbia
                         Info: http://www.grandreviewparade.org

July 10-12 McConnellsville Ohio
                     (Contact Ralph McCready for more information)

August 15 Fort Mulligan Day Petersburg, West Virginia
                      (Contact Randy Ours for more information)

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