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Newest Additions to Website

March 29, 2010 Added a form on Contact Us page for presentations and reorganized
March 28, 2010 Added Site Map page, Added Sponsored Events page, changed Navagation Bars to reflect changes, reordered Whats New list, updated sitemap.xml and robots.txt for search engines, fixed broken links across entire site, fixed misc. typos and added more Civil War Videos
March 27, 2010 Added Civil War Videos page
March 26, 2010 Fixed broken links and updated Bylaws page, events page and created a page for the Spring Gala Civil War Ball
March 25, 2010 Updated the links page, keyword information for search engines and recreated the Bylaws page with printable and downloadable PDF versions
March 10, 2010 Updated meetings page and added Newsletters
March 7, 2010 Updated event and meeting information, updated links page and removed password from newsletter page
February 28, 2010 Updated event and meeting information
February 21, 2010 Updated event information, updated links page and added auto print printer friendly and downloadable PDF links to bottom of events and meetings pages
February 20, 2010 Updated meeting information, updated meta information for search engines, updated feedback page, tweaked misc pages and updated event information
February 19, 2010 Added Password protection to Newsletters, favicon, made forums open in new window, centered links on page for the different units, added feedback page to main menu, added page counters, added sitemap files and robots.txt for search engines and fixed miscellaneous typos
February 16, 2010 After a couple hundrend hours teaching myself and creation time the initial webpage is up!

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